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Connie Rose is a surrealist artist, which resides in the Lower East Side, known as L.E.S, in New York City. Originally hailing from England where she studied at Bristol University, the University of the Arts London, and the Chelsea Art School. Rose’s abstract work is a fresh and exciting mix of abstraction and surrealism with a contemporary mix of mediums. Music, meditation, self-hypnosis, breathing, and even lucid dreaming, are key components to the creation of Connie’s paintings. Art is a form of communication like a sub astral vehicle that allows her to express freedom, expansion, wonder, and joy with a wide range of bright colors. Described by her as the feeling of exploration through time and universes: beyond the beyond.  Connie’s art has been featured in Forbes and her work is collected worldwide. Connie Rose murals can be found in New York, London, El Salvador and Cuba including the 90-foot Library mural for Yeshiva University, NYC. Rose is influenced by the works of Salvador Dali, Yoyoi KusamaCy TwomblyDavid Shrigley, and Thomas Nozkowski.

Recently Connie’s works were shown at Contra Galleries in Chelsea, in an exhibit titled ‘The Subconscious Canvas’, where the artists were hypnotized to create the art on display. This year she was a guest curator for Save Art Space, a nationwide competition to have artists work on billboards instead of advertising. Connie also curated a group show at One Art Space for an exhibit called ‘Transformation’. Multidimensional performances were added to the exhibit to enhance the show even further.

Will You Chase The Horizon Or Let It Flow-Through And Beyond You?
38 x 48″, Acrylic, ink and spray paint on canvas, 2016.

Connie Rose’s a vibrant personality and taste in music with ranges from The Heavy to Nina Simone and Macy Todd and her sense of fashion is rebelliously mixing old and new. She dislikes conformity and sees the danger of dogmatism. “When I feel I’m wearing something everyone else is, I start to dislike it, maybe that’s my deep-seated need to be ‘different’. I used to lose sleep over uncertainty, but now I use a self-hypnosis recording I made which conquers any anxiety. Rising is especially easy if I have a deadline or an extra exciting project I’m working on, but my life is in my control so waking up is rarely a chore”.

Beyond 13.8 Billion Light Years
36 x 60″, Oil on canvas, 2018

“Dream and make it happen.” If you have a dream, hard work and determination
will make it happen, it’s not enough just to dream.

Connie Rose

Rose traveled to do an artist residency with Arquetopia in Puebla, Mexico along with Emily Carr Vancouver. Arquetopia Foundation is an internationally established, nonprofit arts and cultural foundation with a social scope that emphasizes critical thinking through artistic practices. Their customized, academic International Artist-in-Residence Programs are the largest and most reputable in Latin America. We asked if Connie can travel anywhere in the world and she really wants to go back to Tokyo for the cherry blossom season. When she traveled last Rose didn’t feel like she has a distinct art style. Going again would give her an opportunity to create work through her current colorful surrealist lens.

You can see more of Connie Rose’s work on her website and Instagram profile.


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