Gunnar Magnus alongside his Artwork 'The Unbound'

Gunnar Magnus is a 22-year-old Brooklyn based artist who works heavily in figurative abstract expressionism. Magnus first appeared on the New York City scene in 2018, as a part of an outdoor painting collective, organized and curated by freestyle painter Dylan Bauvez. From there, Magnus garnered attention from a number of outlets giving him the foundation to take on being an artist full time. Magnus soon moved into a small studio space in Gowanus Brooklyn, where he would spend the next 15 months fleshing out a myriad of styles on a search for his own visual language. 2019 however would be his most significant year thus far, as Magnus would have 3 solo exhibitions and 2 group shows. His third solo exhibition “We See In Color” is considered a defining moment in his visual style and artistic language. Through experimentation, Magnus eventually landed on a process that revolved heavily around the execution of his paintings rotated at 90 degrees. Magnus paints sideways, then flips the piece upright for its final reveal.  

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