Born and raised in Brazil, Rodrigo Meireles started drawing in 6th grade after his art teacher introduced him to Leila Fletcher’s method “Drawing With the Right Side of The Brain”, in São Paulo, which led him to have art shows and develop a portfolio at his Brazilian high-school, which got him accepted at Parsons School of Design in NYC in 2000. After studying design at Parsons, Rodrigo learned film-making at the New York Film Academy and then got a Bachelor of Science at the New School in 2005.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Rodrigo moved to New York in 2000, where he got a B.S degree at the New School University in 2006 and developed his art and his daughter’s, Gaia Meireles, born in New York in 2013. Together, they progress their drawings, paintings, and sculptures, which they began producing since Gaia could hold brushes and scribble with different mediums. Immersed in an art upbringing, Gaia deeply inspires Rodrigo since birth, making him document their development s style, concepts, subject matter, and form. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Rodrigo started drawing after getting much inspired by Betty Edwards’s method “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” when he was 11 in Brazil. In New York since 2000, Rodrigo often develops drawings, paintings, and sculptures with Gaia in a variety of materials, evolving their art which investigates, modifies, and personally translates their understanding of religion, devotion, practices, and their meanings. They live and work in Bushwick, New York.

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Established in 2017, ART APPLE NYC began as a se- ries of local New York City art events happening every Tuesday in SoHo. After 48 successful activations they decided to expand to a larger space in the Bushwick neighbordood of Brooklyn. Today, ART APPLE NYC is focused on giving artists’ an opportunity to showcase their talents and work through event production, in- troduction to art buyers, collaborative merchandising, and press exposure. ART APPLE NYC works with both local New York City and International artists and assists them in their dis- semination world-wide. Discovering and identifying up and coming artists in the areas of fine art, fashion, and music as well exploratory markets in travel and gastronomy.


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