Cassie Allen Shultz | Express and Heal

Spiritual Guidance


Cassie Allen Shultz also known as Cas is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles who creates live painting experiences. She is originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and moved to California 6 years ago to study sociology at Occidental College. She is drawn to exploring relationships, nature, identity, and spirit through abstract realism. Cassie expresses with art what she says she can’t convey in any other way, remembering through the creative process of how to trust herself and heal through self-love.  She was featured in a group exhibition on June 29th in the Los Angeles arts district at the Cotton Candy Room, showing 4 original works and a live painting experience.

Schultz is constantly testing herself physically and spiritually finding a release in expressing herself in the arts. She is currently working on a new series of paintings that blends abstract and surrealist elements to express power through vision and acceptance; a visual concept series experimenting with light and movement. Inspired by other creative visionaries who commune with spirit for the betterment of the world through the arts, whether it’s through conversations, sound or paintings.

My Spirit guides me and heals me so that I may be a presence of love in others’ lives and of positive change in the world

Cassie draws support from family and friends for which she grateful. Nature second the color, light, images, patterns, and geometries that remind her of humanities infinite complexity and beautiful contingency. Processing anxieties, waves of anger, and traumas have become woven into my creative life in a way that pushes me to keep working. The transformative healing power of art continues asking me to rise to myself as a home for that power, as an artist.
Cas’ wish is to return to Shanghai, China to study visual arts and connect with contemporary artists there. She believes art is an important part of humanity because it keeps expanding our conception of what is possible to emerge from the human experience and to see her own potential as a creator.
You can see more of her work on her website or her Instagram