J Foley | Remix Rubix

The Joy of Disassembling


Jonathan Foley is a New York artist, who doesn’t classify his art style specifically. Foley likes to push the limits of Picasso’s quote ” Good artist copy, Great artist steal.” Enjoying disassembling what a previous artist composed, and piecing it back together in such a way to make it his own, saying ” It is entirely unique and at least in my eyes – more appealing.” Foley looks at paintings/photographs as almost a Rubix’s cube. Altering certain works enough to where it sometimes then may seem unrecognizable yet traces of the original are left behind.

The romanticism of the original work are remnants and their best features peak through his own work. Looking at art from an intellectual standpoint he thinks of the works as almost a puzzle that needs solving. He says,  “As Michelangelo felt he needed to set Angels free from their stone – I need to set these paintings free from themselves.” Jonathan Foley has a new series in the works entitled the “Disaster Project” where he will be presenting two entities – that when mixed together form a complete and utter disaster. For example Romeo & Juliet, Jack & Rose, Expectations & Reality, Whiskey & Texting a former lover – just to name a few.

Foley received his bachelors in Art Education from Hofstra University in Long Island which is the largest private school in New York. His quest has taken him from his original point to other parts of the east coast including Boston, Philadelphia. He has gallery showings previously at a solo show in Philadelphia at The CoOp Shop. Due to come in April he will exhibit his next solo show at H.Smith Art Shop in Philadelphia. Gaining popularity he has been featured in FunknVibe and his “Warhol 2020” painting was featured on pages such as “popcultureinpictures” which has a following of over 500 thousand members, “AndyMeetsWarhol” who has 50 thousand followers amongst others. He will be featured in the upcoming magazine “The Good Art Guide

In his youth, Foley’s largest influence was his mother. She really encouraged his artwork and pushed him to pursue his dreams in the arts. Due to this, he was quite intrigued by the female form and the power they unknowingly possessed. He found great influence from artists such as Michelangelo and other classic Rennasiance painters. Foley then began to follow more contemporary artist such as Matty Mo, Paula Bonet, and Olmo Rios.  “I feel my style is quite closely related to Matty Mo who I first saw altering paintings to make them his own,” says Jonathan Foley. At 1820 Industrial Street in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, he had his “What Would Kanye” piece shown, where he had opportunity and fortune to send in one of his works to be shown in the “Kanye Loves Kanye” exhibit curated by “The Most Famous Artist” Matty Mo.

As far as where Jonathan wishes to go in the future he is stricken between two places.  He would love to see the Sistine Chapel and the works of Michelangelo in the Vatican as well as David which he has done much of research on when he was in college.  As far as a place for an extended stay – Foley would love to immerse himself in the Catalonian lifestyle of Barcelona.  The art lifestyle there can only really be compared to that of New York and he feels there is more romanticism in Barcelona.

“Living the Dream” – Jonathan Richard

Whether it is a good or bad day, we should always be grateful to be alive and always just living the dream. Foley’s craving for my morning yogurt, hot tea, catching up on reading and perhaps some internet scrolling for art is his take on waking in a beautiful way. What keeps him awake? “There is something quite beautiful at the time when the world is asleep and you have it all to yourself,” says Jonathan. “I think I speak for all artist around the world in saying EVERYTHING!” His creativity is at its highest point late at night. He finds himself up till 3 or 4 in the morning almost every night out of the week working on his projects.

To view Jonathan’s work you can visit his portfolio on Instagram or his website.