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Murals for Life

Laura Thurbon

Laura Thurbon is a professional artist and marketer as well as a seasoned art educator. Her primary studies were in Lima, Peru as a classically trained artist from the School of Fine Arts. Laura’s passion for art led her to teach underprivileged children in Lima. Although at times dangerous it brought the sense of purpose to inspire children and introduce them to the craft of art. Thurbon’s true calling to spread art led her to become a freelance artist, commissioned for large-scale works, and to present art pieces in international exhibitions. Simultaneously she made a living as a co-host to a TV show and Peruvian government representative hosting dignitaries. Laura was privileged to be envoy to artists such as Israeli Dorrit Yacoby and the likes of Japanese artist Nobuhiko Utsumi.

As Thurbon continued to build as an artist her fiery passion continued to grow and she left her vibrant career and loving family in Lima. Laura chose a future in the United States and upon her arrival, she decided to go back to her teaching roots. She became an art educator and Spanish teacher at a number of Valley-based schools K-12 (private and charter) and continuing educator in a community college.  During this time she launched her independent art business as a muralist and fine artist. Thurbon has painted murals and fine artworks for both private and public clients in the valley. The business creates small & large murals for businesses and private homes, custom tile art, and commissioned canvases. This experience as a business owner taught her the critical importance of effective marketing.

Laura has won many art awards, and her artwork is part of several worldwide collections in the United States. As Well as South America, Europe, Israel, and India. Lately, she has had published works and Public Murals around the South West United States where she now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I had a willingness to explore life’s journey, seeking while giving through art. Taking chances, even when they didn’t resemble an opportunity. Embracing life and my passion for art, they were my traveling companions.”

Following her passions and with extreme persistence paid off. Her independent art business is going strong, offering murals, corporate art, children’s art lessons, amongst other services. Laura is married with a beautiful family of three amazing girls. You can see her work all over the valley in doctors’ offices, restaurants, corporate offices, homes and in public spaces. Her most recent work is a large-scale mural depicting the Champions for the Homeless for St. Vincent de Paul homeless shelter with Nick Lowery.