Papi Chulo | Krause Galley 2/28/18


Papi Chulo is the first project for the artistic trio that features CB HoyoJohn Paul Fauves, and Revolue. This project explores human connection and the idea that no matter where we come from we have an unseen connection. We all have a universal love for one another no matter our background. Hoyo himself was born in Cuba, while Fauvesis from Costa Rica, and Revolue from Brazil.

Yet they each found a connection to one another through their artworks. For this project, each artist took five canvas and created five works of art all connected by this same blue mask. Fauves in particular painted scenes from the movie “Psycho” By  Alfred Hitchcock, and in these scenes, he connects the killer to the victim by painting them each with the same blue mask. Echoing the idea of human connection and the close relation between hate and love. Hoyo connects different paintings from historical events. He does so by using the blue mask to show the connection, and the influence these works of art had on each other. Revolue connects his own style of painting with the styles of Fauves and Hoyo by blending aspects of their works into his own.

John Paul Fauves is a 35-year-old artist from Costa Rica. He has been making artworks since he was a child and has not stopped.  He uses all kinds of techniques to create his works. He first uses a design tablet to create the ideas then acrylic on canvas with spray paint and Chinese ink. His biggest inspiration is life itself. With so many questions of his own existence art became the answer. His own expressionist vehicle to get to know his own soul. His art is his soul speaking to him. His soul is what drives him it’s a strength that goes beyond his own understanding, he just has to make art. The main goal John has with his art is to express and touch others souls.

CB Hoyo was born in 1995 in Havana, Cuba. At a young age, he immigrated to the Dominican Republic and now lives in Europe. His artistic process began as a child when he started interpreting the world through his paintings. Over the past few years, his work has increased in stature. A self-trained artist, CB Hoyo continually produces works that celebrate life itself. Fresh, colorful, and fun are three words that easily describe his creations. Working with any medium on any material, the artist uses a mixture of art historical trends but always incorporates his unique voice. CB Hoyo is making a proper mark on the current art scene. Some of his works are already exhibited in private and public collections in 6 continents.

Revolue grew up in the middle of inks, papers, pens and many scribbles on his house walls. Adept of a minimalist lifestyle, the artist carries more than 13 years of experience in research and artistic development. From urban art to contemporary studies, looking for not settling on one style, prefers to keep open to the experiment. In baggage, always the underground reference and the concept of “luxury from the rubbish” to add to his remarks, which also involves the chaotic human behavior. Part of an “intuitive – expressive” creative process and reaching the image of a face, for him, everything is represented in our face -It’s the only thing that shows our personality, experiences, and true feelings.

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Wed, February 28, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Krause Gallery
149 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002