Theta Spring Hypnosis partnered up with Contra Galleries, hosted by artist Cyrstal Dyer, to create an exploratory workshop utilizing hypnosis. By using the medium to tap into the subconscious mind and explore artists’ creative side. The artists were given a hypnosis recording to listen to prior to producing art at home. Through the hypnotic journey at the workshop, they were inspired to create artwork to show at Contra Galleries.

Works displayed at the gallery called, Subconscious Canvas Art Exhibit by fine artists Kate Rogovin, Mary Mihelic, Julian Rapp, Joseph MeloyClay StaplefordMariana Soares, and Pia Marchetti. As well as surrealist Connie Rose, street artist Brandon Sines, pop artist Jeremy Wolff, multi-media artist Crystal Dyer, graffiti artist Sandro Tchikovani. The exhibit hopes to outline what happens when you let go of the logical conscious mind and become guided by our subconscious, which is purely reactive, creative, instinctual and behavior driven.

Theta Spring Hypnosis was founded in Chicago and the practice moved to New York City. Founded by New Yorker Alexandra Janelli, who is considered one of New York City’s premier hypnotherapists and life coaches. She has worked with Academy Award Nominee Actors, photographers, singers, and professionals across many sectors of business. With a background prior to hypnotherapy in consulting Alexandra can cater to a wide variety of clientele through her caring and attentive listening.

Contra Galleries is a contemporary art gallery located in the Chelsea neighborhood. Previous exhibitions include artists such as Domingo Zapata. The gallery is known for traditional art exhibitions and shows along with experimental events including creative dining and unique theatrical performances.

The Subconscious Mind opens Feb. 22 with a cocktail reception from 5-9 p.m., and goes until March 9. Contra Galleries is located at 122 W. 26th St., fifth floor; admission is free.

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