Shveta Saxena Lahkar | Fluid Oceans

Liquid Thoughts


Shveta Saxena Lahkar is mostly a self-taught artist known for her acrylic portraits and water art. She is from Dehradun city, India, and gained her post-graduate degree in Fashion Communication from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Although Shveta made a career in fashion, she gained an interest in painting subsequently, and now nothing gives her more joy than the feeling of expressing herself on canvas. Shveta has a special interest in portrait art and challenges herself to explore territories like knife painting and realism. She likes to infuse realism in portraits along with abstract art to create alluring paintings.

In Lahkar’s latest art collection, the ‘Ocean Series’, she explores the beauty of water. The fluidity of water combined with life in and around it is another level of beauty that she seeks to present in her work. Vibrant aqua colors combined with the dynamism of water result in works of art that light up any space in which they are introduced.

Art Parma

Recently, Shveta showed at Art Revolution Taipei in Taipei City, Taiwan during May 2018 where she was selected as one of the finalists in the “International Artist Grand Prize Competition”. She is currently working on paintings for Art Parma. The Art Parma Fair is a great cultural event that presents new ways of making art, innovative and unusual installations, but never losing sight of art in the broad traditional sense. Art Parma Fair is widely recognized among the most important art fairs in Italy.

Perfection in art can always be desired but never be achieved. So be the best that you can be and don’t worry about the rest.

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Though she has visited many countries, one of the places that she would really like to visit is Kashmir, India. She would like to go there and soak in nature’s splendor and get inspired for her next series. Constantly painting and enjoying the process, Shveta has a positive outlook on tomorrow and the prospect of new and fresh ideas makes her eager to embrace each day.


You can read about and see more of her work on her website here and on her Instagram and Facebook.