New York City entered a curfew stage for all dining and nightlife mandating that all establishments close at 10PM. As well as slating all gyms and in home gatherings to be limited to at most 10 people a step back from phase four phase reopening plan with all New Yorkers asking, “Will stay-at-home orders be mandated in response to the ongoing rise of the coronavirus crisis.” According to the New York Times businesses especially those that thrive off of tourism wont be back to their stride until 2025. Now what does that mean for retailers and art galleries?

According to Artnet, galleries are taking on various measures to navigate post-COVID. Clockwork Cros On Canal, for example, has allowed for appointment-only visits to its current exhibitions that runs until December 31st. The gallery will make masks and hand sanitizer available to visitors, who also could shop for items with contactless shopping QR codes.

“I miss mobbing art shows on Thursday nights with friends but this is for everybody’s safety and health, We are slowly implementing our website and virtual galleries to ramp up the culture NYC has to offer,” ART APPLE NYC Founder Moises De Pena says.

Most galleries and shows On Canal are also available for appointment-only visits, but with hopes of opening publicly once a vaccine is made available. New Pfizer results is that the Coronavirus Vaccine Is Safe and 95% EffectiveThe company said it planned to apply for emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration “within days.”

Art fairs are experimenting with virtual showings. Both Art Basel and Photo Basel made the decision to cancel their annual shows due to the COVID-19 crisis, and have recently opened up their digital showings to the public in OVR.