Artist Angela Kote

Abstract Living


When you first meet Angela Kote she seems like a ray of sunshine. The more you speak to her you get a sense that she is a powerhouse of inspiration and ideas. That was exactly the energy that drew her to move to the “Big Apple”. Kote was born in Toronto and after being in the city for some time is officially a New Yorker. She studied at Parsons where she received an honorary certificate for The New School Social Change Movement and defines her artform as abstract expressionism.

 “I am a storyteller. A creative. An artist. A thinker. A dreamer. A strategist.”

Angela started her creative journey when she was only three years old, captivated by her artist father, Josef Kote, and all the colors he paints beautiful pictures with. Josef’s art is described as edgy romantic symphonies of light and color renown for his “dripping effect”. Inheriting understanding Angela’s work evokes her pure feelings and expressionism. Angela is able to evoke feelings in others through her work by painting in vivid colors, and often using distorted imagery in a manner that allows the viewer to have their own interpretation.  This technique she says allows the viewer not to fully expose her message, which is often personal. Inspired by Basquiat, Rothko, Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, Monica Belluci, Cindy Crawford, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder as well as modern art you can view the tones/fluidity in her perspective.

“Live Lightly”

Angela’s last show was at a private loft in Soho in which she live painted in front of an audience, as well an earlier showing at Delilah New York at #arttuesday, a series by Art Apple NYC. She is always constantly creating and learning, her latest medium is spray paint which she is experimenting with by using it on glass. Angela loses sleep when she is not doing enough and constantly wants to be on the move. In the future, she would like to spend some time in South East Asia to get in touch with nature to learn about Buddhism and live more simply.

I am in love with the story and turning those raw conversations, ideas, dreams and moments into something we can share and see. Everything moves quickly, but something that really catches you off guard will last just a little bit longer and I want to create that moment through my visual content.

Fashion has always been a passion for Angela and bean to do personalized leather Jackets for her influencer friends and clients. That love for fashion has been taking form as she has helped private and luxury brands with styling and photography for their staple campaigns. Borrowing from her aesthetic of painting she focused on detail and vibrancy of colors to tell the stories of the personalities and how they coincide with the brands she works with.




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