Crosby “ClockWork Cros” is a Surrealist artist who was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York. His clocks challenge ideas about disposability, longevity, and reputation while exploring the consumption of celebrity. 
Post-post-modern, Crosby’s clocks sail across media platforms and technology, while simultaneously looking back onto a time of the handmade. Each clock is crafted in his native NYC studio, re-envisioning iconic images of luminaries.
Clockwork Cros will soft-open an apropos contactless and time-capsulated exhibition titled “ClockWork Cros | On Canal” Saturday, November 7th at 325 Canal Street in the heart of downtown Manhattan. A window installation of 96 milk crates and 300 clocks will be on display.

In this latest exhibition, Crosby merges surrealist and pop culture techniques to create unique versions of found objects that explore concepts of time. He both adopts and emphasizes street culture, while remaining authentic to his Lower East Side upbringing. With the help of a diverse team of international, emerging artists, “ClockWork Cros | On Canal” gives insight into bringing tangible art into a socially distanced world. 

Artist Bio & Press Quotes

lockWork Cros’ pieces have shown throughout the world and are sought after by celebrities and prominent collectors alike. Showings include the Future Hive at The Seventh Letter, Wallplay’s lounge at ComplexCon, multiple exhibitions during Art Basel Miami Beach, The Armory Show, and Frieze in New York. Crosby has also collaborated with brands in music and fashion to help them realize art as elevated merchandise. He recently completed an artist in residence program in Tokyo, Japan, wherein he created a body of work exploring Kintsugi- a Japanese practice and philosophy that treats breakage and repair as parts of the history and beauty of an object.

PREVIOUS EXHIBITION | Everyone Gets a Clock

“Crosby’s work…. frequently draws on the hip-hop and graffiti culture that was born in New York in the eighties.”

Nicole Rudick, The Paris Review

“…he’s a super cool kid making amazing [things] and hitting the scene with an intensity and integrity you just can’t fake.”

Carlo Mccormick, Paper Magazine


ClockWork Cros | On Canal 
Contactless Clock Exhibition 
November 1st – December 31st
325 Canal st. New York NY 10013
( By reservation only at ClockWorkCros.com )