Tyler Gordon, the 14 year old artist prodigy that went viral with his freehand portrait of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, has created works of art for an array of influencers and celebrities to include J. Lo, Kevin Hart, Kevin Durant, Missy Elliot and many more. As a young visual artist, Tyler has become the first runner up in the TIME Magazine/Nickelodeon first ever “Kid of The Year” awards which saw Tyler face off against hundreds of amazing, eligible children and teens doing great things in the world. Though not a winner of the top prize, Tyler has been commissioned to paint the cover art for an issue of TIME Magazine that will profile NBA superstar, Lebron James. Though he has painted Lebron in the past, Tyler has created an original piece of work for the cover story and will unveil the resulting portrait and the official TIME cover itself as part of a virtual art gallery event entitled: “The Icon Collection: A Tyler Gordon Original” where he will also showcase various works of art that he has created that depict his favorite icons in today’s modern history that he has painted portraits of. This infusion of art, history and lifestyle is a needed distraction for the pandemic weary public and a prime opportunity to engage with Tyler’s growing fanbase.

ART APPLE NYC is proud to host a virtual reality experience to indulge the array of consumers that are unable to physically visit the locations of Tyler’s paintings. This will be executed in partnership with a Switzerland based VR company – VRAll, who has a state of the art desktop and Oculus viewer with a mobile AR view known simply as VR-All-Art. VR-All-Art serves as a platform that allows users to explore virtual reality exhibitions in real time, as well as buy actual art pieces through their VR application. Anyone with an Oculus VR headset, laptop/desktop computer or touchscreen phone (AR) with the ability to download the app and experience the gallery show in an immersive experience from anywhere in the world. This unique event component allows for a COVID-19 restrictions compliant event opportunity for anyone to participate in.

“We are excited to launch our first virtual reality exhibition on our inclusive art’s community web page to further expand the reach of artists and build relationships with audiences during the trying times of the pandemic,” shares Moises De Pena, Founder of Art Apple NYC. The information-filled arts web page will host Virtual Reality Exhibitions to help support our localartists internationally which allows consumers to identify new talent via mobile devices, PCs and Oculus headsets,” adds Moises.

Currently, Tyler’s artwork, including the infamous Kamala Harris piece, is on display in Beverly Hills, California as part of the “Heirs To The Throne” art gallery exhibit presented by The Lost Warhols Museum in partnership with the Beverly Center. This exhibition explores the vast and beautiful fine-art works of black artists including Bradley Theodore, Robert Peterson, Cavier Art, Penda Diakite, Showzart, Sage Gallon, Shantell Martin as well as Art Icon, Timothy Washington, with Tyler being the youngest artist on display. The “Legends of Time” gallery exhibition will be a natural extension to what Tyler already has in motion and be mutually beneficial for all