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Who is Daniel Wellington? To most people now, it is a well known minimalist luxury timepiece brand which was founded in Sweden, but Daniel Wellington is a person. The founder of the watch brand, Filip Tysander, met Daniel Wellington on one of his trips outside of Sweden. What stood out most about this British gentleman he encountered, was his impeccable and easy going style. Specifically that Wellington thought of matching a Rolex with the classic Nato watch-band. Impressed by his new friend’s appeal he was inspired to recreate the trend, So much so that he went home to Uppsala, Sweden, and built a whole company on the idea.

Filip aimed to make something different to bring to the marketplace to change the rhetoric of the existing business model. Also, something that was affordable and convenient for the wearers. The design of the timepiece after many trials of combinations the outline took on a thin bell-shaped perfectly rounded form. The watches were specially designed to match the thin NATO straps. The interchangeable bands made the timepieces unique and easily provide its wearer with variety. This way no matter what band the consumer chose it would look extravagant. Filip had created something that he could proudly present on the marketplace to match his friend’s thin, elegant and minimalistic style. He decided to name the brand after the man who had inspired him to create the brand, Daniel Wellington.

The Daniel Wellington brand creates stylish bells with timeless designs, suitable for every occasion

The newly formed design was called the “Classic” and comes in two sizes, 36mm and 40mm, with either a black/brown leather or assorted NATO strap. The dial is an eggshell white or black enriched with, Roman numerals and date, making it an excellent complement to each wardrobe. The models are available in two finishes, in silver and rose gold. Being introduced to the market costing approximately $150-220 USD. It is now being offered with a black face called “Classic Black”, with smaller faces called “Classic Petite” and the “Dapper” collection which offers deep blue visors.

Little did Tysander know but his simple product would take the industry by a storm. His minimalistic designs and the new approach to marketing has his company valued at a billion Swedish Krona, just over 100 million dollars.

You can learn more about the Daniel Wellington brand here, visit their Instagram and can be purchased by clicking here.