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Signing documents and giving out your personal information isn’t a joking matter. In the last 20 years things have drastically changed. We use our mobile devices for most of our daily tasks and all of our information is in it. Not only
that, in reality, all of our information is imbedded on the Internet. Every time you touch, look, swipe, sell, buy, receive, or even the time you spend online can be tracked and traced.

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Why should we surrender our information to big platforms such as Facebook, Google, Dropbox and DocuSign, why should we give them our information in exchange for their services? What if we told you there’s a revolutionary solution that is already being used in the finance world, universities, and in the ever-evolving real estate market?

WAULT is here! Safe as a Vault. Portable and convenient as a mobile Wallet.

The solution emerges from a well thought out Start Up – WAULT by Wymsical INC. CEO & Co-Founder Liwen Yaacoby has over 15 Years of Finance experience and understands the securities market especially the safety aspect of it all.  According to the co-founders, WAULT was founded when a personal friend, away on business for a few months, returned to find her home had been sold and her finances ransacked by an imposter who had been living as her, in her home, the whole time. How could this happen!

As seasoned technologists in finance, they found out how — and more importantly, they saw that the system of digital credentials we all live by and rely on was broken. “The world needed a solution, to rebuild trust and make sure nothing like what happened to her can ever happen again” said Eli Yaacoby, CTO and Co-Founder of Wault.

This application does not only provide you with revolutionary service of identity but the ability to sign, share and expire documents like no other platform provides. But most of all it will keep all your valuables in the safest hands known to each of us. Our Own.

Live free and fearless knowing your credentials are secure on the Wault Member Network.

Wault puts the control of credentials in your hands — enabling secure, private exchange of personal information between authenticated individuals and organizations. The Wault Member Network is where real people and real organizations can exchange relevant information securely and with the purpose building an ecosystem of trust.

Personally. I believe the WAULT application will be used widespread to authenticate users in various application such as identification for the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Airports, the workplace and even at your local bar. The only authentication method for identification to prevent fraud anywhere you sign a document or do any legal transaction.

Plastic IDs will become rudimentary. Think of all the times you’ve forgotten or misplaced your identification. Now, think of all those times when you’ve misplaced your passport, birth certificate, driver’s license or social security docs. Just keep it in the WAULT everywhere you go – 24/7. Pick and choose the time and length you want to share it for with the identifiable source requesting it. No more waiting in line or waiting for the replacement card in the mail. Think of it as the Amazon Prime for documents you really need that are essential. But Prime is same day or receiving next day. WAULT IS HERE RIGHT NOW 24/7/365. Need Watermarks? No worries WAULT has that too.

To download Wault for iOS click here and for Android click here