Hublot gave birth in 2005 to the Big Bang. Since then, this model has become an icon of Swiss watchmaking in the third millennium. In 2018, a first connected version of the Big Bang was born. Here’s the BIG BANGe today. The new incarnation of the Art of Fusion dear to Hublot. A fusion of tradition and innovation, a fusion of state-of-the-art materials and state-of-the-art digital technology.

“Electronic watches were born in Switzerland when quartz was invented in the 1970s. Fifty years later, we continue in the same innovative vein by presenting a second smartwatch with high technological sophistication while embodying all the values of aesthetics, technicality and excellence that have made the reputation of our Big Bang collection. More than ever true to our motto “The Art of Fusion”, we wanted THE BIG BANG e to bring together Hublot materials of great technicality to the most innovative in the field of digital to date” – Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of HUBLOT

Transposing their traditional know-how into this new digital environment, Nyon’s designers have developed new watchmaking features. In addition to the analog “Time Only” function, the BIG BANG e offers exclusive interpretations of traditional watchmaking complications such as a Perpetual Quantum at the moon phase of perfect accuracy or a second GMT time zone that presents the earth in a very realistic way, features revisited and expanded to take advantage of the possibilities offered by computing. Despite this on-board technology, Hublot guarantees waterproofing up to 30 metres deep.

The BIG BANG e will be produced in two different editions: Titanium and Black Magic black ceramic. For the first time in Hublot’s history, this watch will be sold online on the home site as well as on the Wechat network in China. It will then be offered in shops and the traditional network.

The BIG BANG e comes in a 42mm diameter case, available in titanium or ceramic. The hours figures are made by metallization under a scratch-free sapphire ice that covers a high-definition AMOLED touchscreen screen. Just as it would on a mechanical version of the Big Bang, its rotating crown with built-in pusher allows you to control the controls of its electronic module. Developed in partnership with other houses of the LVMH Group, the watch is adapted and perfected here to meet Hublot’s requirements.

Available from the launch of the BIG BANG e, its first edition is part #HublotLovesArt: it is a series of 8 dials from the imagination of storytelling art artist Marc Ferrero. Every 3 hours, the dial changes color, allowing the eight creations to be displayed successively over a 24-hour cycle. Each is based on a specific color: Happy Yellow, Magic Blue, Orange Dynamite, All White, Lucky Green, Magic Red, Rainbow Spirit and Black Magic. It should also be noted that every full hour is marked by the appearance of an animation lasting 5 seconds. A very #HublotLovesArt way to bring a touch of colour and rhythm to different times of the day!

The BIG BANG e, which runs under Wear OS by Google™ allows everyone to customize their smartwatch experience. It’s possible to access various apps on Google Play, receive answers at any time with the Google Assistant, and make quick and simple payments via Google Pay. And for a more personalized experience, the wearer can easily get useful information and keep track of notifications and messages. In addition, dials specially designed by the talented Friends of the Brand and Hublot Brand Ambassadors will be gradually unveiled.

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