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Beat Architect


Brandon Ray Thomas was born in Atlanta to a legendary gospel singer and R&B composer John Thomas. Life brought him to Brooklyn where he refined his sound whilst attending the Art Institute. Thomas is referred to as “Damn Brandon”, OGBT but mostly regularly in the industry as just Brandon Thomas. In his formative years being a part of OGG, which is an acronym that means “Originality Gains Greatness, led him to create a dynamic sound that put him on the map.

Brandon Thomas | The OGG
Brandon Thomas and Andre 3000

Although he made waves with OGG particularly with OG Maco “B**** You Guessed It“, He grew up around music as per his father’s footsteps and learned from various industry mentors as well. Going by the mantra of wanting people to believe in themselves and the others around them, he has attained great notoriety in his career thus far as a beat maker, producer, and engineer. Just recently he was able to vibe with Quincy Jones at a show with his brothers from Palm Studios at Art Basel in Miami. In the same year was able to have a concert in New York City with close friends and supporters. Following an art exhibit in Japan with a friend, Brandon is working on throwing a grassroots festival for acoustic aficionados as he forms his band.

“I like to inspire people to keep going. To help people understand both sides of their brain and understand the things in the psyche that help you unlock your greater potential,” says Brandon. “I believe that there is so much we have not even tapped into. Also, bringing people together.” He currently doesn’t mind helping people out as long as they are serious because he loves working with independent musicians/artists but it won’t be like that forever as the more in demand he is the harder it will be to reach him. Brandon has traveled many places on his road to success but excited to cross places like Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and Mongolia off his list.

Last Thanksgiving, Brandon released an album with Gianluca Buccellati. His next album, “Together”, is due to be released in 2018 through his own label, subsequently called UNIFYE Records. This week following his 23rd birthday Thomas just released a new project called “Eclectic Vol. 2 x Edge Of The Earth”.
Brandon draws much of his inspiration from his family like, his uncle Enrico Miguel Thomas, who is a well-known painter from New York City. As well as his brother Levi Thomas, father John Thomas and his mother. Second to that his extended family Leven Kali, Jay Izaak, Deko, OG Parker, OG Maco, and the rest of his squad. As far as people outside of his reach like Stevie Wonder and the painter Claude Monet.

“I wake up to inspire and lead my generation. I want to go down in history as someone who pioneered healthy living and mental stability while keeping up with a fast-paced entertainment lifestyle.”

Regularly Brandon does not like to lose sleep but sometimes the music industry makes you work into the wee hours. To him, family comes first as well as his craft, and sleep is secondary, although it is extremely important for him. Thomas sticks to a holistic vegetarian diet, drink smoothies every day, and makes awesome music.

 “Originality Gains Greatness, and people are here for reasons, seasons, and or lifetimes.”
 You can reach and follow Brandon Thomas on Instagram and Twitter.