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Dwane Rich wear F+F Beanie
Dwane Rich

Dwane Rich is a native New Yorker born of Jamaican descent. At the young age of 5 due to street violence, his father passed and he has always been keen on music in his attempt to express himself musically. His mother in fears that he would head down the same path would bring him to a church where he discovered frequency of sound. After working in the fashion industry Dwane was afforded the opportunity to work as a studio assistant at Warner Music Group where he instantly knew that the arts were his true calling. Rich continued to develop his natural gifts while going to St. John’s University and during his senior year he decided to go to The Institute of Audio Research in conjunction with school.


Panel at IAS School

The Institute of Audio Research (IAR) is dedicated to the art, business, and technology of audio in all its forms. As such, IAR serves the music, motion picture, multi-media, communications, consumer electronics, and entertainment industries, as well as other employment sectors that demand highly trained audio technicians and producers.

Dwane Rich with KeyboardFive years later Dwane found Fabric + Frequency. Fabric’s means the structure of the framework of a building and frequency means the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field. Together with both, we can build the sound to structure our lives. Fabric + Frequency is a New York-based company that produces High-Quality musically driven content for TV networks, films, commercials, and advertisers.

“sometimes it takes that ONE person to reintroduce you to yourself… Do what you love, love what you do”

Dwane continues to produce music for his private clients and has been able to sync license to MTV, Rob & Big, Run’s House, Pimp My Ride amongst others. To read more about Fabric + Frequency and to give them a listen visit the information below.

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