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Hotel ChocolatHave you ever wanted to experience chocolate making from its initial process to the end? At Hotel Chocolat situated 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea and overlooking Saint Lucia’s iconic Piton Mountains, lies a cocoa plantation and boutique hideaway where you can do just that! The hotel, Boucan, was founded by two entrepreneurs, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, who were passionate about making chocolate exciting again.

Angus Thirlwell
Hotel Chocolat CEO, Angus Thirlwell

Thirlwell and Harris co-founded Hotel Chocolat in 1993 and opened their original boutique shop in North London, subsequently also named Hotel Chocolat. With it, they took the market by a storm by living by three principles; originality, authenticity, and ethics. Since then they have opened 93 locations and made their plantation in Saint Lucia the place you can see the process for yourself.


Boucan is on their Rabot Estate established in 1745, they’ve created a unique Anglo-Saint Lucian dining experience with a twist of cocoa. The experience is limited as they only 14  guest rooms. Boucan was Angus’ dream to create a place where luxury, wellbeing, and style could come together with, of course, cocoa and chocolate. Learn the art of chocolate-making with the Bean-to-Bar Experience. A chocolatier will show you how to roast cocoa and guide you to make your own bar of chocolate.

Whether you’re a couple seeking excitement, honeymooners, single traveler, or a group of friends, you’ll find peace in the paradise of Boucan. For more information or booking visit thier website.